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A Road Trip to Cooperstown, NY

We took a road trip in August, 2018 to upstate NY to visit family and Cooperstown, NY.  Our first stop was in western NY near Buffalo to see Toni and Kathy Murray.  We spent a day visiting and had dinner along the Buffalo Waterfront.  It was great seeing them.

We then traveled east to Cooperstown, and on the way, stopped in to see my Aunt Ann Matuck.  We chatted for an hour and Aunt Ann made us a nice lunch.

We made it to Cooperstown and stayed at the Otesaga Resort Hotel, a beautiful grand hotel right on Lake Otsego.  While there we visited the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Farmer's Museum, took a boat ride, and generally relaxed and enjoyed the weather.  

We ended our road trip by driving to Ocean City, MD to spend the long Labor Day weekend at the beach.  I didn't think I could drive so many hours anymore, but the trip was a blast and I look forward to another road trip to New England in the fall of 2019.  

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