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Some favorite links

TripAdvisor is a great site for researching travel.  It has forums where you can get details from users on your specific travel needs.

Airbnb is a site where you can find and book private homes for your travel stay.

VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) is a vacation rental by owner website that helps you find and book beach and other vacation properties.  

Tripit is an app that runs on your PC and mobile phone.  It lets you create and manage trip itineraries for your travels.

Here is a road trip cost calculator.  I have used it on several road trips to help me budget costs.

Apps to help with travel

Here is a currency converter.  

Temperature conversion pop up.

Here is a fly-or-drive cost calculator to help you estimate the costs of your travel options.

Google Translate easily translates written text or spoken word from one language to another.  Download the app and desired languages to your phone and translate without network connectivity.

Packpoint is an Android or Apple app that helps you pack for trips based on the type of trip and activities.

Citymapper is a PC and Android/Apple app that helps you get from one point to another in a city using various transportation methods.

Travel Budget Worksheet is an Excel spreadsheet that helps you identify and manage your travel budget.  

Travel Itinerary is an Excel spreadsheet that lets you record your flight, car rental, and hotel information so you have it in one place.

Trainline is Europe's biggest train and coach app.  It works with 270 rail and coach companies to offer customers travel to thousands of destinations in and across 45 countries in Europe. The app is perfect for users looking to take advantage of Europe’s vast network of rail and coach services to get around countries or visit popular attractions and cities.

Wanderlog is a free travel planner and itinerary organizer that I really like.  It also has a mapping tool where you can record the countries and cities you've visited.

Countries and Cities We've Visited - click image to enlarge

Countries and Cities We've Visited
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