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Our Visit to the Quaint Town of Oxford, MD

In July 2019, Shelly and I spent three days and two nights at the Sandaway Suites & Beach in Oxford, MD.  Oxford is on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on the Tred Avon River in the Chesapeake Bay.  It has 18 large rooms, many with screened-in porches.  The rear of the property faces westward and you can see some great sunsets over the bay.  It has a large yard with plenty of Adirondack Chairs and three large trees so you can relax in the shade while you enjoy the beauty of the bay.  The Oxford Yacht Club is next door so you can see many sail boats dotting the waters.  

The weather was gorgeous the day we arrived so rather than touring, we decided to stay at Sandaway and enjoy the day.  We had a wonderful lunch at a waterfront restaurant named Capsize (they have excellent crab cakes), then had delicious ice cream at the Scottish Highland Creamery.  I had a blackberry with chocolate chunks, and also a scoop of chocolate Oreo.  Yum!  The flavors change daily.  

We then relaxed for hours in the Adirondack Chairs on the Sandaway grounds.  


Here's a few pictures of the house and grounds. 


It rained a bit on our second day, so we toured the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Museum in Cambridge, MD.  I knew she helped free enslaved people via an underground railroad, but did not know she also was a nurse during the Civil War, and an early suffragette for woman's rights.  Quite a remarkable woman.

We drove through (unintentionally) the Blackwater Nature Preserve before finding the Suicide Bridge Restaurant  in Hurlock, MD.  Shelly had fish tacos and I had the best crab cakes of the trip.  We then drove to Tilghman Island which is about 15 miles outside of St. Michael's.  We did not find much there, so we stopped by a local watering hole for a drink.  We then took the Oxford Bellevue Ferry back to Sandaway to relax for the rest of the evening.  We sat on the porch, watched 5 rabbits munching on grass, and waited for the rain to stop.  Shelly took a picture of a beautiful sunset and then we turned in.

Here's a selfie we took on the ferry, and the sunset.


We had an early morning light breakfast and watched a bit of Robert Mueller testify before the House Judiciary Committee.  We checked out and had lunch at Doc's Sunset Grille, another Oxford waterfront restaurant.  I again had crab cakes, which was good, but not as good as my previous two meals.  Shelly had a delicious fish and chips platter.  Doc's is right on the water and we had great views of water fowl and sail boats.  


As is usual, we had a splendid trip.  As short as it was, we packed a lot of relaxing and touring into it.  We enjoyed it so much we are planning to return to Sandaway and Oxford next July.  Contact me if you would like more details on our trip.

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