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New York City at Christmastime

In December, 2003, Melissa, Shelly and I spent Christmas in New York City.  Early on Christmas morning, Shelly and I walked from our hotel to Central Park and enjoyed the cool and calm setting.  We saw the John Lennon Imagine memorial in Strawberry Fields.  It had snowed a bit the day before so there was a light layer on the ground.  We walked down 5th Avenue and went to 9:00am mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral.  We then gathered up Melissa, went on a handsome cab ride through the park, and attended the Radio City Rockettes Christmas show.  

We took a handsome cab ride through Central Park.  It was pretty cold out, but a really nice experience.

Christmas 2003 023.jpg
Christmas 2003 024.jpg
Christmas 2003 025.jpg
Christmas 2003 018.jpg

Here's Shelly and Ken in Central Park.  We got up around 7:00AM, stopped at a shop for a bagel and coffee, and walked to Central Park.  It was a beautiful morning.  We went to Christmas day mass a St. Patrick's at 9:00AM.  What a memorable morning.

Christmas 2003 008.jpg
Christmas 2003 009.jpg
Christmas 2003 010.jpg

Here's the Strawberry Fields John Lennon memorial in Central Park.  Imagine!

Christmas 2003 029.jpg

We saw the Radio City Rockette's Christmas Show on Christmas day.  Great show!

Christmas 2003 022.jpg
Christmas 2003 001.jpg

The Christmas tree and skating rink at Rockefeller Center.

Christmas 2003 002.jpg
Christmas 2003 013.jpg

A couple photos of Times Square.

Christmas 2003 006.jpg
Christmas 2003 007.jpg
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