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A Walk through Brookside Gardens and a Wonderful Lunch

Kate Coleman, Shelly, and I walked the beautiful grounds of Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD, and saw a variety of gorgeous flowers, plants, and trees. The weather was perfect for a walk, partly cloudy with a bit of sun, and about 73 degrees. Brookside Gardens has a number of different areas, including Aquatic Garden, Azalea Garden, and Rose Garden. Kate really knows stuff, as she identified a lot of the foliage, and she also used an app on her phone to identify many others. We had a very, nice 90 minute stroll, and vowed to return earlier in the spring next year when the flowers will be in full bloom.

After Brookside Gardens, we went to Stained Glass Pub for some delicious pizza. It was another, wonderful day with our dear friend, Kate.

Here are some photos we took:

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