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An Excellent Flash to the Past Concert - Toto and Journey

Shelly scored tickets to see Journey with special guest, Toto at the Capital One Arena. The concert was originally scheduled for May 2022, but it was cancelled because one of the members had COVID. So we saw it tonight, and it was really good.

We pre-concerted at Yard House and had drinks and some appetizers.

We then headed to our nose-bleed seats in section 406, tickets courtesy of Vet Tix. Toto started at 7:30p, and was really good and lead guitarist and founding member Steve Lukather was in great form. Here are snippets of "Hold the Line" and "Africa".

The Journey concert was great. Founder and lead guitarist Neal Schon was excellent, and the show very much focused on his guitar excellence. Lead singer, Arnel Pineda, sounds a lot like Steve Perry, who he replaced. I was never a huge Journey fan, I think I have one, maybe two albums, but they were great tonight. Here are snippets of "Don't Stop Believing" and "When the Lights go Down in the City".

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