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I Fly, you Fly, we all Fly!!!

Shelly and I took grandsons Rhys and Knox to iFly for indoor skydiving in Ashburn, VA. iFly has an indoor, vertical wind tunnel that allows you to float/fly just as if you were skydiving.

We bought a family pack of 10 flights that included photos and videos. I decided I wanted to fly just once, so Shelly, Rhys and Knox had 3 flights each. We checked in and got geared up. We were given flight suits and helmets with face guards. We met our instructor, Michael, and he showed us a safety video. We were all ready for our flights.

Knox went first (of course, he always volunteers to go first!). Here are some photos and a video of his first flight.

Next it was Rhys' turn.

Then Shelly took her turn.

Finally, Ken took flight.

The experience was a blast! After we flew, we exited the flight chamber and got debriefed. We got out of our gear and received certificates signed by our instructor.

It was a great experience. Both Rhys and Knox want to do it again. And they may be going again sooner than they think!

I recommend taking flight with iFly. You have to be at least 3 years old. Enjoy!

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