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Interesting Tour of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Shelly and I spent a half day in Frederick, MD and visited the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. It is the premier center for the preservation and research of the legacy of Civil War Medical innovation and humanitarianism. As a living institution, it utilizes artifacts, storytelling and the historic lessons derived from that era to educate the public and define the impact on today’s society. It was fascinating to see the innovations, strategies and techniques used to treat wounded soldiers and save lives. The museum had life-size dioramas of wounded soldiers, medial aids, and surgeons on the battlefield, medical and medicine artifacts, and personal stories and letters. It was quite and interesting tour.

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Evacuating the Wounded

Surgeons, Aids, and Wounded in the Hospital

Surgeon Embalming a Dead Soldier

After the museum visit, we had a nice lunch at JoJo's Restaurant & Taphouse.

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