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The Frederick Keys Game with Melissa, Rhys and Knox - a Great Evening of Baseball!

Shelly and I met Melissa, Rhys and Knox to watch the Frederick Keys baseball team take on the West Virginia team. They Keys used to be a minor league single-A team affiliated with the Baltimore Orioles, but now they are not affiliated with any major league team. It was a beautiful, warm evening, and a great night for a game.

We arrived an hour early and Rhys and Knox spent 30 minutes or so at playground inside the stadium. They enjoyed the slide and moon bounce, and had a photo-op with the Keys mascot, Keyote.

They tried to get autographs, but the players weren't signing due to Covid protocols. But one of the players threw them some bubble gum.

The game was pretty exciting, with West Virginia winning 13 - 7. The boys got to climb on top of the Keys dugout for a 7th inning stretch "Keys shaking." Here a video.

After the game, there was fireworks. Here's a brief video of that along with a photo of Knox enjoying them.

After the fireworks, the kids got to run the bases on the field. Here's a video.

And here's a final photo of Rhys, Knox and Melissa. We had a great evening!

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