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Understanding the Secrets at the National Crypotologic Museum at NSA

Bob and Kate Coleman, Shelly, and I toured the National Cryptologic Museum at the National Security Agency (NSA) today and learned a lot about encrypting communications dating back to the American Revolutionary War. A docent explained the history of encoding and decoding communications, and highlighted specific actions and events that affected our country. We saw and learned about the Enigma Machine, the encryption device used by the Germans before and during World War II, and how the Polish, British, and Americans built machines to decode messages. We also learned how the Americans decoded Japanese diplomatic and military messages that helped secure victories at sea. It was a really interesting tour; we spent about one hour, but you could easily spend two to three hours if you read all the exhibit details. I recommend touring this museum, especially if you live in the Washington, DC area.

National Cryptologic Museum

Enigma Machine Exhibit

Enigma Machine

After our tour, we went to lunch at The Hideaway in Odenton, MD. It offers a varied menu of BBQ, meatloaf, pot pie, and other pub food, along with delicious desserts and homemade ice cream. It was quite good and only 4 miles from the NSA. Enjoy a nice lunch or dinner after your tour!

The Hideaway in Odenton, MD

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