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25 Years of Friday Night Dinners for the Village Cafe Crew Comes to an End

We celebrated, we laughed, we cried. After nearly 25 years of going to dinner with dear friends every Friday night at our favorite local hang-out, the Village Cafe and Grill closed it's doors for good. Shelly and I, Bob and Kate Coleman, Frances and Charles Piazza, Kevin and Julie McLeod, and Deb Bearor and Tom Meyer dined, drank, laughed, cried, shared family ups and downs, and generally grew up together at the Village Cafe. It was our place to go on Friday nights. The wait staff reserved our tables starting at 4:00PM, and we would trickle in. Sometimes we'd stay there until 10 or 11PM. Our children grew from young teenagers to adults with children, and they often shared their lives with us as well.

One of the reasons our Friday nights were so special was our relationships with the Cafe wait staff and bartenders. Jesse, Erin and Lynsay really took care of us. They're special people.

We were and remain a close group, but we haven't found a replacement restaurant for our beloved Cafe.

Here's some pictures of our last night at the Cafe.

The Village Crew and their Families and Friends

A Salute to Us!

Kevin, Bob, Ken, Tom, and Charles

Shelly, Jesse and Ken

Deb and Frances

Frances, Jesse and Kate

Charles, Shelly and Ken

Erin, Front and Center, Managed the Cafe

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