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A Visit to Clark's Elioak Farm with Rhys and Knox!

Our grandkids, Rhys and Knox, spent the weekend with Shelly and me, and we took them to Clark's Elioak Farm on Sunday. The farm has a petting zoo with goats, chickens, and horses, and an enchanted forest with rides, slides, and things to climb. We expected to be there for an hour, but Rhys and Knox really enjoyed it, so we stayed two.

The weather was gorgeous, sunny and in the high 60's. Rhys and Knox sped off to explore and climb on a purple house shaped like a shoe and then then hit a couple slides. Next we entered the Enchanted Forest and got some good photos of the boys. All the structures were fairy-tale themed.

The Petting Zoo was next. Rhys and Knox had some food to feed the goats, and there were a dozen or so recently-born goats that were so cute.

Rhys and Knox went on pony rides, which was a highlight for them.

And they capped off the visit with a ride on the Cow Train!

Lastly, here's a photo of Shelly (MiMi) with Rhys and Knox in a whale. Shelly took the same picture with daughter Melissa when she was a young kid.

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