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A Walk on Theodore Roosevelt Island on a Beautiful Day!

Shelly and I have lived in the Washington DC area for over 35 years and we had never visited Theodore Roosevelt Island. It is located on the Potomac River near Georgetown in Washington DC. President Roosevelt was an avid conservationist, and was one of the founders of the National Park Service, which created dozens of parks in the most beautiful land in the United States. So on this gorgeous day in March, we trekked the island and enjoyed its peaceful sites and sounds.

Here's some photos.

We then drove to Georgetown and had lunch at Kate Leopold, an Austrian restaurant located in any alley off M St. It's a quaint restaurant with about 10 tables outside. I had Leopold's Schnitzel, a breaded veal dish, and Shelly had the Rostbraten vom Angusrind, a black Angus skirt steak. Both entrees were very good. I finished the meal off with apple strudel with vanilla ice cream.

We walked to the Potomac River, sat in the brilliant sunshine for about 30 minutes, and watched the planes fly into Reagan National Airport. A truly wonderful day!

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