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Antarctica - Our Flight to Argentina

We were greeted on the plane with friendly faces, champagne, and water. We were also reunited with Monica, Jonathan, and Jacqueline, who were worried about us, and seated 4 rows in front of us. We talked, stretched out, and waited for take off.

While we waited, we learned that a family of 5 would not be able to take the cruise as one of their party tested positive for Covid. They would have to head home and reschedule their trip. Apparently Atlas was very helpful as they would cover their hotel, help them with the rental car, and allow them to rebook. We heard that there were around 135 people scheduled for the cruise, but only about 108 on the plane. So maybe 25 people tested positive? I’m not certain about this, but regardless of the number, it’s sad that potential new friends would not be able to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The plane departed around 8:30pm. We had a couple beers and sodas, and then ate a meal of beef tenderloin, potatoes, carrots, and a salad. The other option was chicken. The beef was OK, nothing special, but we were full. One other item, the alcohol and mixers didn’t seem to be very well stocked. The beers were limited to an IPA (which Shelly hates), Stella, and Amstel Light, and they didn’t seem to have many of them. We overheard other passengers asking for vodka and tonic, and were told they didn’t have tonic (who doesn’t have tonic water?!?). This is something Atlas and National should look into. Regardless, I got my Cokes, Shelly enjoyed a couple beers, and here we are. We’re 4 ½ hours into the flight, Shelly is sleeping, and I am writing my blog, relieved to be on the way, and still very excited. I am done for now, and will try to sleep. One other thing, the movies and TV selections are very old and limited. Don’t expect any new releases. If I can’t sleep, I’ll find a movie to watch. Goodnight…Well, I couldn’t sleep so I watched a movie. Shelly was able to get some sleep but hers was pretty restless. The flight was very smooth and on time.

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