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Isolation Day 12 - Broken Eggs and Shaved Heads

No change with my sister-in-law. She is still critical but stable. I have told my brother about all my friends praying for them both. He is very appreciative.

Shelly and I went to the grocery store this morning. Bought some staples, and finally found some eggs. I brought 5 bags in from the car, and dropped one bag on the patio. Of course it was the bag with the eggs. After a few choice cuss words, we found that only three broke.

I finished cutting my hair and shaving my head today. It was a 4 step process. Step 1, I took trimmers and tried to clip my hair as short as possible. Here were the results. Clearly I missed a few spots.

Step 2, call Shelly to help me. So Shelly comes up, laughs, and takes a couple pictures to share with friends. Then she clipped the remaining mess I made. Step 3 was shaving my head with a safety blade razor. Step 4, I shaved my head with a new Wahl electric shaver for the head. As the box says, it's the "ultimate finishing tool."

And voila!!! I am going to keep it shaved from now on.

Shelly made German potato salad today (yum!) and we had grilled hot dogs.

And in closing, a video from another concert I attended as a teenager. I've seen the Moody Blues in concert three times. Here is the Moody Blues performing The Voice.

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