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Isolation Day 13 - Let there be Music!

Got up early and listened to American Top 40 for March 28, 1976 on Sirius/XM. I love listening to the top 40 with Casey Kasem. Here's the list.

I am very impressed with New York Governor Cuomo. I just watched his press briefing and he's been a true leader during this crisis.

I miss going out for lunch or dinner. Shelly and I would go out 3 to 4 times a week. Shelly's been making some great dinners, but next week I think we'll order take-out from one of our favorite restaurants.

Shelly and I had a Zoom meeting with sister Suzy from Colorado. We're setting up a meeting for tomorrow with Suzy's kids Nathan and Taylor. Can't wait to see them!

And in closing, I saw Foreigner in concert in September 1981. I've seen them twice since. Here's the set list from the concert, and a video of them performing "Cold as Ice" in 1978.

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