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Isolation Day 14 - Subs and Scrabble

So it's been a full two weeks of isolation and so far, so good. For the first time in two weeks, Shelly and I went out to pick up food for lunch. We went to Jersey Mike's and got subs. There was a steady stream of cars going there.

Played two games of online Scrabble with Shelly. It's not the same as the board game, but it's OK.

I listened to American Top 40 again this morning. I love music and it soothes me.

We're trying to keep our exposure to a minimum, so we're going to the grocery store no more than twice per week, in addition to ordering stuff online.

Our cats, Lennon and McCartney are sisters from different mothers. They were inseparable when they were kittens, and still close at 2 to 3 years old. But now they've become territorial. Lennon has the den and McCartney has the living room. Lennon rules the bed, and McCartney the rec room. They don't play together anymore, and compete for Shelly's and my attention. I guess it's like the real relationship John Lennon and Paul McCartney had. Good, close friends, but highly competitive. Sharing when they were young, and doing it on their own as they got older. They haven't broken up yet, and I am not getting another cat named Yoko to push them over the edge.

The late afternoon weather was beautiful today. Sunny and in the high 60's. Shelly sat outside and I watched last year's Dell Match Play Golf Tournament. Kevin Kisner beat Matt Kuchar. I fondly remember my Uncle Ted watching golf on the weekends, and I didn't understand why he liked it. Now I know.

Was thinking of this today and it made me laugh. Here's a random post of one of my favorite comedy scenes in a movie, from Planes, Trains, & Automobiles starring Steve Martin and John Candy.

And in closing, here's a video of Styx performing "Renegade." I saw them at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY in July 1981. And Shelly and I saw them in 2018 as well (without keyboardist and lead singer Dennis DeYoung).

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