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Isolation Day 15 - Playing a Waiting Game

I spoke to my brother Al. My sister-in-law Connie is still critical and on the ventilator. She finished her treatment of the hydroxychloroquine yesterday. The doctor also reduced her ventilator treatment from 80 to 65, but had to bump it back to 80. There is no word yet on why they had to increase it after lowering it. My brother is just playing a waiting game; waiting to hear news from the doctors and nurses, and waiting to see when he can see her. It's a tough situation. All the prayers are much appreciated.

Maryland Governor Hogan has issued a stay-at-home order effective tonight. Nothing but emergency travel, and going to grocery store or pharmacy. So that's what Shelly and I are doing. It looks like we have 30 more days of planned quarantine. We are very fortunate to have a home, food, supplies, and the means to get what we need. A lot of people aren't as fortunate.

We ordered groceries from Wegman's using the Instacart service. We've never tried Instacart before. You use their shopping cart app to order your groceries, someone collects your order, and you get it delivered. They add shopping, service and delivery fees. I heard Instacart employees may be striking to get hazard pay and protective equipment. I think they deserve it.

I am reading Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsythe. It's getting good. The Jackal is beginning to prepare for his task of assassinating French President Charles de Gaulle. He's spec'd out his rifle and necessary papers with Belgian associates. What's next?

Here's a throwback picture from July 2011 of Shelly's and my trip to Glacier National Park. Here we are in front of beautiful Lake McDonald. We had gorgeous weather for the entire trip, and the sights were magnificent.

And in closing, I saw Earth, Wind & Fire in 1978 or 1979. I saw them perform again 5 or so years ago. Great band. Here they are performing "September."

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