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Isolation Day 16 - Prayers for the Caregivers

Latest update from my brother Al. The good news is Connie's organs (liver, kidney, etc) are functioning the way they should. The bad news is that after 7 days on the ventilator her respiratory function has not improved. He said she could be on the ventilator for at least another week. If she survives this she will probably require rehab because of all the strength she will have lost in her arms and legs. Not to mention loss of weight.  Condition stable but still critical. Thank you for your continued prayers.

I'm feeling bad for the healthcare providers and workers. Doctors, nurses, aids, all of them are on the front line of this. We already have a terrible shortage of doctors and nurses, and now many of them are getting sick as they put their lives on the line. Saying prayers for them.

We grilled ribs today. They were very good; meaty and tender. Thanks Shelly.

Shelly doesn't want to do meal pick-up or delivery anymore. She's concerned about the preparation and handling. I think she's right, but I am sad as I was looking forward to some take-out this week.

Played Hearts of Iron IV with my buddy Pat last night. It's a World War II strategy game. Lot o' fun.

Read a bit of Day of the Jackal. The Jackal is scoping out potential sites in Paris to assassinate President de Gaulle.

Throw back photo of the day. At the Vatican in St. Peter's Square in 2005 where we attended outdoor mass given by Pope Benedict. Boy, I was a lot thinner then.

And in closing, I saw Harry Chapin for the first time at Ghost Town in the Glen in Moosic, PA. It was probably in 1978. At the time, I wasn't very familiar with his songs. But after the concert I got very familiar, and saw him again in Binghamton, NY a few years later. He died in 1981, far too soon and too young. Here's Harry performing "Taxi."

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