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Isolation Day 19 - The Natural

I don't have an update on my sister-in-law. I will look for Al's update later tonight or call him tomorrow. Please keep the prayers coming, they are much appreciated.

I didn't sleep well last night. I couldn't fall asleep so I was up until 3:00am, then woke up at 8:30am after a frustrating dream where I could not find my car in a huge parking garage. I just kept walking and walking, looking for it, but never found it. I wonder what it means.

Watched the move "The Natural" starring Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs, a baseball phenom in the early 1920's whose promising career is sidetracked for 16 years. He returns to the ball field in 1939 and has a historic season. It's a very good film which I've seen probably 10 times., but always enjoy watching it again.

We received our grocery delivery from Wegman's via Instacart. It worked quite well. There were a few items that were out of stock, but we got most of what we ordered. Shopping, Service, and Delivery fees of about 5% of the order total are added to the bill, so it's pricier. But avoiding the store is good. We divided the groceries between ours and Shelly's Mom, and stopped by Safeway to get the few missing items before we delivered them to Mom.

I noticed that gas prices have dropped to around $2.00 / gallon. Too bad we're stuck at home, otherwise we'd be doing road trips.

Shelly and I are leaning toward postponing our trip to Spain and Portugal. We've paid for about 1/3 of it but have trip insurance. I'm disappointed but I'm not sure what the world will be like in late September, early October. Some scientists are saying the virus will reoccur in the fall. I don't want to take a chance on being out of the country.

Shelly and I played a few more games of Scrabble. It's a nice diversion and helps keep my mind active.

Shelly's making a turkey, stuffing, green beans, and mashed potatoes tomorrow. I can't wait! Shelly's been doing such a great job with meals, I really appreciate her. We're going through our stockpile of frozen beef, chicken, and turkey from our freezer.

A throwback photo of Shelly and me at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa in 2009. You can see how windy it was by my hair blowing so much.

And in closing, we saw Lady Gaga perform in November 2017 in Washington DC. We had floor general admission tickets which turned out to be great as we moved from stage to stage (she had three stages on the floor). Here is Lady Gaga performing the hauntingly beautiful "Joanne."

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