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Isolation Day 22 - Party when it's Over?

News from my brother Al. "Best news ever. They reduced the oxygen pressure on the ventilator such that 95% of Connie's breathing is on her own. They will monitor how well she does tonight and if all the numbers look good they may take her off the ventilator tomorrow. She made tremendous progress in the last 48 hours. The nurse was so excited to give me the news. The nurse put me on the speakerphone and I was able to talk to Connie for the second time. He said her eyes were open and she was understanding everything I was saying. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she's off the machine tomorrow."

I prepare an annual budget of estimated monthly income and expenses. I was a month behind in truing the budget up with actuals for February and March, so I did that today. Since we're not eating out and traveling, we're are well under budget for the year. That's good because we're going to have a hell of a party when this is over.

Watched the movie "Saving Private Ryan" starring Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. In my opinion it is the best war movie ever made.

We had our "Beer Monday" Face Time call with Bob and Kate Coleman. We got caught up and shared about all the exciting things we're doing. Shelly and Bob had their beers, Kate had her margarita, and I had my Black Raspberry sparkling water. The weather was nice so Shelly and I sat outside. It was nice chatting with them.

Here's a throwback photo of Shelly playing peak-a-boo among the cherry trees near the Washington DC Tidal Basin in 2006.

In closing, I've seen the musical "Phantom of the Opera" three times. It's my second favorite show behind Les Miserables. Here's a video of the title song performed by Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman.

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