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Isolation Day 25 - Fish or Swim

Latest update from my brother Al on Connie.

"Spoke with the nurse today. The results came back on the Covid-19 test. She's still positive for the disease. They are keeping her in ICU for the time being. She is sitting in a chair and doesn't want to be in the bed. She is still doing very well. They are bringing in a speech therapist to work with her. The feeding tube in her nose has been removed. She was fed some applesauce earlier today. That's all to report."

So the news is still good and your prayers are much appreciated.

I woke up at 5:00am this morning. Fortunately Monty Python's movie "Life of Brian" was on so I watched it. It may not be the most appropriate movie to watch during Holy Week, but I love this movie; it's hilarious.

I would have watched Tiger Woods defend his Masters title in round 1 today. But the Masters has been rescheduled to November. ESPN is showing the 1997 Masters final round tonight when Tiger won his first green jacket. I'll be watching and enjoying it.

Shelly and I played Scrabble again. We've got to find another game to play.

We were supposed to take Rhys and Knox to the beach this week during their spring break. We would have spent a lot of time in the indoor pool and at playgrounds. Melissa wanted to hide their Easter eggs on the beach. Instead we'll bring them to the beach this summer and maybe do beach Easter egg hunting next year.

Shelly purchased an all-day chartered fishing excursion on the Chesapeake Bay for May to catch jumbo rockfish. This may have to be postponed as well. Here's Shelly with a salmon is Alaska.

Here's another of my favorite Far Side comic strips.

Here's a throwback photo from February 2019 when Shelly and I were in California and visited Joshua Tree National Park.

And in closing, Shelly and I saw Tom Jones perform at the Resorts Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ maybe 15 years ago. He was great. I kept envisioning his female fans throwing their granny panties up on stage, but it didn't happen. Here he is signing "She's a Lady."

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