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Isolation Day 28 - Happy Easter!!!

It's been 4 weeks now. We've been out of the house 5 times for groceries. I feel like a baby in the womb. Not much to do but move a bit and eat. It's actually not been too bad so far. Shelly has been great to be with. And of course Lennon and McCartney have been the best. I can do another 28 days if necessary.

My brother Al told me about this article about a man who recovered from Covid-19 after 30 days in the same hospital that Connie is in. Al said his illness and treatment has paralleled Connie's.

Last night I watched the movie Road to Perdition starring Tom Hanks and Paul Newman. It was good, with both Hanks and Newman playing the roles of bad guys, which is unusual. It's a good story about a 12 year old boy who goes on the lamb with his father, Hanks, who is seeking revenge against those who murdered his wife and youngest son. I give it 7.5 stars out of 10; it's worth a watch.

Then I watched the movie Pet Semetary starring nobody of consequence. Oh wait, John Lithgow played a neighbor of the main characters. Crummy movie, don't watch it. I kept waiting for some suspense and scary scenes, but it was for naught.

We drove to Melissa's house and dropped off waffles, bacon, and some other food. We visited them outside and stayed 6 feet away. Here's Melissa with Knox and Tom with Rhys, Shelly and me. Happy Easter you guys!

Here's Rhys and Knox throwing Snap n Pops at me as I dance.

I watched the 2019 Masters replay when Tiger garnered his 5th Green Jacket and 15th major title. I can't wait until November when Tiger will defend his title.

Here's a throwback photo from 2011 when Shelly and I visited Mackinac Island and stayed at the Grand Hotel.

And in closing, here's the Dave Matthews Band performing "Everyday." We saw them at Nissan Pavilion in 2008 with Bob, Kate and Sue Coleman.

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