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Isolation Day 30 - Ken Hula Dances at a Luau

Connie was moved out of ICU into a private room, and is on the road to recovery. She is anxious to see my brother Al, and get her strength back.

So some experts are saying we could be social distancing until 2022 if a vaccine is not found effective. We might have temperature checks before entering restaurants, places of employment and other public places. They say there might be staggered school days, more work from home, and masks for everyone in public. Wow. Life as we know it has certainly changed.

The "King" of the United States who said he had "total authority" has now acquiesced to the governors on reopening the states. We also are holding funding to the World Health Organization.

I watched the movie What Lies Beneath starring Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. Pfieffer plays a concert cellist who believes her house is haunted by a ghost. It's suspenseful and has some interesting plot twists. I'd give it a 7 out of 10, not great, but good enough to watch.

Lennon was sleeping on Shelly's lap today. She looked so comfy.

McCartney lounging in her bed today.

Here's a throwback photo of Shelly and I enjoying a sunset on Maui in 2017.

And in closing, for your viewing pleasure, is me hula dancing on stage with some expert hula dancers during a luau in Maui in 2017.

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