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Isolation Day 40 - Maybe doing Clorox Shots will Help?

No new news on Connie. She is supposed to get another Covid-19 test on Saturday.

How can I not comment on Trump suggesting science investigate injecting disinfectants as a means to kill the virus? He also suggested bombarding or injecting the body with light might work too. Doctors and disinfectant manufacturers have had to warn the public about not trying these approaches. Then this afternoon he said it was all sarcasm. What a liar. He was totally serious yesterday about investigating this as a treatment. I think Trump should try his reckless remedies first to prove their efficacy.

I'm pissed that more and more large and publicly traded companies have used loopholes to apply for and receive funds from the SBA emergency loan program. This tax-payer funded program was intended for small businesses to support them and communities. It show the lack of ethics that exists with some of the large companies. Many have been shamed into returning the funds. Their boards and C-level executives should be held accountable.

Shelly and I have been playing a lot of Scrabble.

We decided to cancel our travel to Spain and Portugal in September/October. We're just not comfortable with what will be the state of the virus. I'm bummed about it, but it's the right thing to do. Maybe next year.

Here's a throwback photo of our trip to Italy in 2005. Here's the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal in Venice taken from our gondola.

And in closing, in 2014 Shelly and I saw Lionel Ritchie at Wolf Trap in Virginia. Wolf Trap is a great venue and it was a good concert. Here he is performing "All Night Long."

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