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Isolation Day 42 - Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Connie is home and doing well. She's gotten reacquainted with her dog Quincy who is so happy to see her and won't leave her side.

Here's a throwback photo of my sister-in-law Bobbie and me in 1964 when I was 3 years old. My brother Jack and Bobbie used to take me to parks and events like the county fair. There is no change in Bobbie's health status, she still has hospice care.

I watched the movie High Plains Drifter, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. It's about a mysterious drifter who goes into a town and is paid to protect them from some gunmen who have vowed to take revenge. But it's the drifter who takes revenge. My favorite western of all time. 9 out of 10 stars.

And in closing, I was never fortunate enough to see The Beatles perform live in concert (I was a bit young when they stopped touring in 1966). But I have DVDs of all their movies and a lot of their live shows. Here they are in 1969 on top of the roof of Abbey Road studios performing "Don't let me Down."

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