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Isolation Day 44 - Lunch and a Movie

I talked to Connie today. She sounded great! She's doing her physical therapy exercises and is gaining strength every day. She's so thankful for family and friends and all the prayers. She's convinced that got her through this.

I also talked to my brother Jack. Bobbie is still under hospice care. He's hoping they wheel her to a window tomorrow so he can see her. Prayers for her peace and comfort are appreciated.

We ordered and picked up lunch from our favorite Mexican place, La Villa. Shelly had shrimp fajita and I had a beef burrito. Good food and a nice treat.

Shelly and I watched the movie Just Mercy starring Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan. It's based on a true story. Jordan plays a civil rights attorney who defends a wrongly condemned death row prisoner (Foxx) in Alabama. I'll tell you that despite the ultimate triumph of justice in the end, the movie made me really mad about the injustices that can occur in our justice system. It's a very good movie and definitely worth watching. 8 out of 10 stars.

Here's a throwback photo from our 28th wedding anniversary in September 2019. We had a nice lunch in Georgetown, then went to visit a cat rescue and spent time with cats waiting for their forever home. Here's Shelly being mobbed.

And in closing, Shelly and I saw the show Riverdance at Nissan Pavilion in Virginia 15 to 20 years ago. I love the music and dancing, and it was a great show. Here's the finale.

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