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Isolation Day 56 - Happy Mother's Day!

Shelly wanted prime rib for Mother's Day so we had delivery from Outback. She got a 16 oz prime rib with baked potato, salad and a crab cake. I got a burger and fries. It tasted so good. She still has half a prime rib and crab cake for leftovers.

It's been 8 weeks now. Two months of staying in the house except for grocery shopping. Crazy times.

Shelly and I watched five episodes of the Netflix documentary Tiger King. There's a lot of bizarre characters in this documentary about the collection and display of exotic cats and other animals. The main character is Joe Exotic, collector of rare and exotic cats (mostly tigers), and owner of a zoo in Oklahoma that displays them. Carol Baskin runs a big cat rescue in Florida and is the adversary of Joe. She wants to shut him down because she believes he abuses the animals. Chaos ensues as the they file lawsuits against each other, and Joe descends deeper into nuttiness and hatred for Carol. It's amazing that these people actually exist. It's a show that's hard to stop watching as the inevitable train wreck is certainly near.

I watched Mission: Impossible II starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt. This time his team tries to stop a former agent from unleashing a deadly, engineered virus named "Chimera." This is not the nearly the best of the series, rating only 6.5 out of 10 stars.

We're going to watch the movie I Still Believe tonight.

Here's a throwback photo from the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee in 2017. A mam and her bear cubs ran in front of our car and into the woods.

And in closing, from my favorite movie of all time (actually it's tied with Pulp Fiction), a 10 out of 10 star movie, The Godfather. Here's Vito Corleone (The Godfather) telling his godson that he'll get the part in the movie he wants.

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