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Isolation Day 6 - The Haircut

Shelly cut my hair today. I should say she cut, chopped, pulled, and generally hacked at it. My clippers were not working well so we tried blades and trimmers. My hair looks like a patch-work quilt, with some spots of my head visible, and other not. It's hat-wearing time for me.

Talked to brothers Jack and Al. Jack is my oldest brother and he is hanging in there. He's getting outside for some walks and staying busy indoors as well. Al and his wife Connie both have the flu (it's not Covid-19, they were tested for the flu).

Lennon has been sleeping next to me for a while. He she is in all her cuteness:

Watched the 1992 Regional Final between Duke and Kentucky. This was a great game. Duke was in control most of the game until the final 6 minutes. Kentucky tied it up to send the game into overtime. The game ended with Grant Hill tossing a 3/4 court pass to Christian Laettner who hit the shot at the buzzer. See below:

Playing a World War II strategy game tonight with my buddy Pat. We're early in the game, 1936 in fact. I have Italy and Pat has Germany.

And finally, to pay tribute to Kenny Rogers who passed away today:

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