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Isolation Day 60 - Isolating at the Beach!

Shelly and I decided to head to Ocean City to stay a few days in our condo on the beach. We had an uneventful three-hour drive, saw one of the security guards, signed in, and spent the afternoon watching the surf. What a nice change of scenery! The weather is gorgeous. Here's a couple videos of the ocean taken from our balcony and the pool deck.

Shelly and I watched the last two episodes of Tiger King, the documentary about Joe Exotic and his band of misfits. It wasn't great, but is worth watching, just to see the incredible people involved.

Here are a couple throwback photos from May 2019 of the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. We went with Kate and Bob Coleman. It's quite an impressive house and we had a great time.

And in closing, here's a virtual tour of the Biltmore House.

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