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Isolation Day 62 - Back Home with Kitties

We left the beach and came home today. We had a brief but great visit and the weather was wonderful. It was so nice seeing the ocean again. We also started getting the condo ready for the summer. We'll be back again soon.

Shelly was up at 5am and took some nice pictures of the sunrise.

We stopped at Royal Farms near Easton to gas up and got some fried chicken tenders. They are enormous, crispy, and quite good. I was pleasantly surprised.

McCartney and Lennon were very happy to see us. And we were happy to see them.

I listened to American Top 40 for May 17, 1975. Here's the top 10.

I think for the first time since isolating, I did not watch a movie. I did revise my "watch list" though. There are some real classics on this list and I have seen them all, but not for a while.

Here's a throwback photo to August 2019 when Melissa, Rhys and Knox joined us at Ocean City.

And in closing,

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