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Isolation Day 64 - Carrot Cake and Happy Hour!

Great friend Kristian Anderson stopped by the house today to drop off carrot cake that she made. It was delicious! Thanks Kristian! She stayed and chatted for a bit, and it was really nice seeing her.

We had our Beer Monday happy hour in person with Kate and Bob Coleman today. They came over and we sat at a distance on the patio. A nice time was had by all.

A quiet evening as McCartney enjoys her basket and Lennon tries to balance atop her perch.

So I watched the sequel to the movie John Wick, called John Wick: Chapter 2. It stars Keanu Reeves as John Wick, the assassin who got dragged back into the dirty, killing game in the first movie. Bound by an inescapable blood debt to the Italian crime lord, Santino D'Antonio, and with his precious 1969 Mustang still stolen, John Wick, the taciturn and pitiless assassin who thirsts for seclusion, is forced to visit Italy to honor his promise. But, soon, the Bogeyman will find himself dragged into an impossible task in the heart of Rome's secret criminal society, as every killer in the business dreams of cornering the legendary Wick who now has an enormous price on his head. Drenched in blood and mercilessly hunted down, John Wick can surely forget a peaceful retirement as no one can make it out in one piece. The body count continues to rise as he eliminates 128 in this film. I noticed that in both movies, his enemies always carry flashlights, which makes it a bit easy for him to see them. And the bad guy's henchmen constantly run at him despite the fact that he has weapons with endless ammo. The killing gets a bit monotonous and the action scenes are somewhat silly, so it gets 6.5 out of 10 stars.

Here's a throwback photo to early June 2019 when the Solomonson clan gathered at Bethany Beach to celebrate Shelly's Mom's birthday. We had a fabulous time. Here's the family.

And in closing, one of my favorite bands of all-time, Chicago performs "25 or 6 to 4."

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