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Isolation Day 8 - Virtual Beer Monday with Friends

So we have our dear friends Bob and Kate Coleman who go every Monday to a restaurant named Gentlemen Jim's for what they call "Beer Monday." Beers are discounted and they offer free pizza. Shelly and I join them maybe once a month. We spend a couple hours talking and joking, and it's a nice way to start the week.

But how do we continue this trend in the land of lock-down? Well we FaceTimed together at 5:00pm this evening. Bob and Shelly had their beers, Kate had her Margarita, and I had my Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry water (I get Coke at the restaurant, but I drink water at home). Hey Bob and Kate!

Shelly and I were supposed to watch Rhys and Knox today as Melissa had a meeting in the office. But her meeting was rescheduled to Thursday so Shelly and I went to the grocery store instead. The parking lot was half full at 9:00am, and we found it to be fairly well-stocked. Most produce was available, and they had some fish and meats. Paper products were out of stock though, but we didn't need that anyway. We bought rice and pasta and other staples.

I hurt my back this morning; I think I did it in the shower. It's been pretty crippling. I just took two Ibuprofen and it feels a bit better. On the plus side, if I continue to walk all hunched-over, I'll find a lot of money on the ground.

I am reducing the amount of news I watch, and will skip today's White House briefing. I got overloaded in Covid-19 and the stock market crash. There's little I can do right now expect stay home.

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