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Isolation Day 4 - Delivered Groceries

Better day today. Shelly and I briefly visited her mom to deliver some groceries. We did not stay long since we had been in contact with other family members and did not want to risk any exposure.

We also ordered Chinese food for delivery. Yum! Haven't had Chinese in a month or more. Shelly has been making meals every day, and fortunately we have a good month or two of food in our freezer. But we have missed dining out this week.

I started reading the 900+ page Delivered from Evil: The Saga of World War II again. I read this book 20 or so years ago, and I'm looking forward to pouring through it again.

Our cats, Lennon and McCartney are enjoying us being home so much (I think). They glom onto us a good part of the day. Here's a couple pictures of them.

I am looking forward to playing World of Warcraft with my friend Pat. Pat and I have been best buds since 4th grade. We've been gaming for a number of years now, having played a World War II strategy games called Hearts of Iron and Zombie Army Trilogy.

Shelly and I were planning on taking Rhys and Knox to Ocean City for the week before Easter. The OC mayor just sent a letter asking people not to travel to OC. So we'll have to see if we can do this.


Shelly and I listened to an audio conference with our congressman David Trone and state and county health professionals. He held a Q&A with constituents.

We also listened to Chris Martenson's Covid-19 update. It was very interesting tonight and he presented a graphic that showed the benefits of social distancing. The more isolation, the lower the infection rate. Here's the graphic:

Now if Florida's idiotic governor would just close their beaches.

As you may have guessed, I am quite angry at Trump. During today's White House press conference, he doubled down on blaming China for the virus, saying had they notified us at the beginning, the US would have quashed it. He's such a buffoon. We knew in January about the virus outbreak in China, but in his infinite wisdom, he did nothing to prepare. I only bring this up because he is claiming he knew it was a pandemic before WHO announced it and says the US was well-prepared. We aren't well-prepared. Testing has been slow to limited and health systems are running out of protective gear. Trump, as usual, is passing the buck to the state governors. Fortunately, governors like Andrew Cuomo and Larry Hogan are exhibiting great leadership for New York and Maryland.

He also blamed the media for misreporting, but he can never say specifically what was misreported. I'm so done with this narcissist. George Conway wrote a good opinion piece in the Washington Post about not falling for Trump's new stance called "There is no new Trump." He's spot on.

I started preparing for the virus on January 29th when I bought a 10 pack of N95 masks. I bought disposable gloves on February 25th. If I got prepared to a degree, Trump should have done so.

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