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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Curbs our Travels and Events

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Well Covid-19 has struck the US with ferocity. The number of case of infected people as well as deaths are on the rise and growing exponentially. In Maryland, the Governor Larry Hogan just closed all restaurants, bars, gyms, and theaters. A nation-wide lock-down is highly likely in the coming days. Trump has finally admitted the virus is out-of-control, and a recession is possible (I think we're there already). The DOW dropped 3000 points today and is down nearly 30% in the last three weeks. Shelly's and my 401k's are being creamed, although we have not looked at them recently. Our financial planners are making good decisions and putting us in as optimal position as we can be in. But it's still scary.

Shelly and I are hunkered down with plenty of food and supplies for a month or so. The supermarkets are sold out right now as panic buyers have taken hold. The markets are operating expanded hours, opening at 5am and closing at 12am. We'll venture out for a 5am visit sometime this week to see if they are stocked with anything we'd like.

I have been listening to a daily Youtube video presented by an economic researcher named Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity. He did a presentation on exponential growth which provides background on how the US will have 100-200 million infected in one to two months unless drastic measures (ie. a nation-wide lock-down) is put in place. I've been watching his updates for 4 weeks now, and he has been spot on.

Meanwhile, our fearless leader, Donald Trump, is finally acknowledging the seriousness of the pandemic, but is still not taking decisive action. He also said he takes no responsibility for the debacle of the lack of testing (which is artificially keeping our infection numbers low). I'm trying to get my head around this. I'm in my job for 3+ years. Something blows up into a huge mess. I say I take no responsibility for it because I was using a 4+ year old procedure that wasn't meant to address the problem that caused the blow up. I expect my employer to accept this excuse, and not say it was my responsibility to be prepared. I still don't get it. I would expect to be fired. He is not a leader, and has been unable to calm the market and the populace.

We had tickets to see Wynonna Judge on March 30th, but that has been postponed until June 3rd. We'll see if that holds. Our trip to Spain and Portugal in late September, early October, is at risk. We have travel insurance so we can reschedule if necessary. We also have three days schedule in Oxford, Maryland at a B&B in July. If restaurants are still closed then, we have to cancel.

Shelly and I will be isolating except when we need to care for our grand kids, and if we need to bring anything to Shelly's mom. Hoping things turn out better for everyone than the likely outcome. Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog update.

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