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Isolation Day 2

So Day 2 of Covid-19 isolation was a lazy day. I watched the White House task force briefing. Trump showed a bit more leadership. He seemed more in command of the situation, and took a lot of questions from the press. He did have to say that he called this a pandemic before anyone else did.

The White House is proposing a trillion dollar stimulus package (ie. big company bailouts), and sending checks to the American people to stem the tide. The Treasury Secretary said unemployment could hit 20% and that this is worse than the 2008 recession. I still haven't looked at our 401k's.

The medical experts are stopping short of recommending national quarantines, but I have a feeling that's coming. San Francisco has a lock-down, and NYC will in a couple days. Dr. Anthony Fauci pleaded with people, particularly young adults, to stay home except for necessary grocery shopping. Testing is rolling out at a better pace as 40+ drive-up testing sites are available nation-wide. The testing is showing more people are infected, so there are now around 6500 cases. Microsoft has an interactive tracking site and it shows the extent of the infections worldwide. What a mess.

We're trying a grocery store tomorrow to see if we can get some fresh produce. We shall see. Stay calm and hold on.

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