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Praying we Preserve our Democracy

It's election eve. Tomorrow the final votes will be cast for president, the senate and house, and state legislators. The past 4 years have been horrible for the United States. We have a racist, misogynist, narcissist, bully as president. He spits on democracy and gives the middle finger to law and order. He wants to turn the presidency into a fascist regime, so he can be like his hero Putin. Trump's lies and inaction on the pandemic has ruined our economy and cost thousands of lives (John Oliver presents a great summary of Trump's response to the coronavirus here).

The republican-led senate is nearly as bad, having pushed Trump's unqualified judicial candidates through hearings, votes, and approvals to the Federal and Supreme courts. Kentucky senator Mitch "Lipless Turtle" McConnell has not brought any legislation to a vote in the past two years, and stalled the House HEROES act, which would provide a stimulus to those people and businesses affected by the pandemic.

I believe America should provide access to affordable healthcare to all and protect those with preexisting conditions. We need to ensure everyone is treated kindly and fairly, and that they have equal opportunities for education and success, and protection under the law. We need to focus on renewable energy to avert climate change catastrophes. Two people who love each other should be able to marry and have opportunities for a full and enriched life. Women's rights and health choices should be enabled and preserved. Businesses and the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes. All people should have access to adequate housing. Mental health services should be prominently available to those who suffer.

I was a republican until 1992 when I voted for democrat Bill Clinton. Before his election, I finally pulled my head out of my ass and realized there were people with greater needs than myself. I still feel this and that's why I voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and have sent recurring donations to numerous democratic senate candidates. We need to rid ourselves of Trump, McConnell, Graham, and other republican senators who only think of themselves and not the United States of America.

I pray that we regain our democracy this week.

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