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Today I Voted in the Most Important Election of my Lifetime

Shelly and I voted on Monday. We dropped our mail-in ballots in the drop box at a local high school. Easy-peasy. It's not so easy in states like Texas where voter suppression is going on and drop boxes are very few in number.

This is the most important election of my lifetime. In Trump, the US has a divisive, racist, narcissistic bully as President. We are the laughing-stock of the world. It's time to bring in a leader who will work to unite the people of the US. Someone who will work to bring affordable healthcare to all, to be fair and sensible to all people, to make businesses and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, to focus attention on climate change, and first and foremost, to implement a plan to fight the coronavirus and restore our economy. Joe Biden is the right person to lead us through the wrongs and challenges we face.

Vote by mail, vote early, or vote on election day, but please vote!

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