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Vietnam and Cambodia Itinerary - A Jam-packed Tour

Our visit to Vietnam and Cambodia is nearing, and we're beginning to organize items for packing. You need to protect yourself from germs and creepy-crawlers, so we have mini-Lysol spray, hand-sanitizer, mosquito repellent wipes, Cold eeze, etc. We also got our typhoid vaccine (we had Hep A when we went to India in 2014, so it's still active). The CDC site provides a long list of vaccines to get, but the primary for where we're traveling is Typhoid and Hep A. We still have to get passport photos for the Visas, and paid an extra $45 for a fast-pass through customs. I'll be posting a detailed packing list that may help future travelers. Our tour is 15 days and includes a private tour guide and driver, so we have opportunities to customize it a bit.

Our itinerary is below. It's 24 hours on the plane so I suspect we'll be pretty beat when we arrive. But we'll also be excited to be there and get started. The Halong Bay tour is an overnight cruise, and we got upgraded to a suite. So you can negotiate the price and tour accommodations.

The tour company we've been working with is great. It's Luxury Travel out of Vietnam. Our representative has been very professional, responsive, and accommodating. We'll be posting a review of Luxury Travel after our trip. We'll also post the detailed itinerary with our critique. So stay tuned for more Blog posts.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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