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A Little More than 5 Months before we Cruise to Antarctica!

Our cruise to Antarctica is just 5 months away! We will fly to Orlando, Florida and spend a few days, then we're driven to the airport to meet up with the other 198 cruise passengers. We take a chartered flight to Ushuaia, Argentina where we board the Atlas Cruise ship and travel through the Drake Passage to Antarctica.

Shelly and I are getting excited. The cruise line provided a packing list, so I bought warm gloves, liners, facemasks, and socks for us. I also bought a waterproof backpack for our land excursions, a waterproof camera cover, and a backpack for my camera equipment.

I am following a number of Antarctica and penguin Instagram sites so I am seeing pictures and videos every day. I can't wait to see the sites and wildlife and take my own photos and videos.

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