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A Wonderful Week in Ocean City, MD

Shelly and I went to Ocean City to chill in our ocean-front condo, and we had a wonderful time. The weather was on the warm side, and we had lots of sun. Out first full day was 71 with bright sunshine and a beautiful blue sky. I woke up early and took a sunrise photo and video.

We spent the afternoon at Rope Walk Restaurant on the bay, and enjoyed the sunshine. We had a couple salads and talked to a couple from Ocean Pines for about an hour. It was quite enjoyable.

The beautiful day was followed by a warm evening with a full moon. Here's two photos of the moon over the Atlantic.

On Saturday, we went to brunch at a new tapas restaurant called Spain Wine Bar. Shelly had a bowl of butternut squash soup, which was very good, and we then shared a delicious dish of paella valencia. This restaurant is going to be one of our go-to places.

Shelly joined the American Legion a couple months ago, so we went to the local Ocean City post for some drinks and a light meal. We watched the last quarter of the Ravens/Bears game. The patrons were nice and the atmosphere was very lively.

After the game, we went to tour the Ocean City Winterfest of Lights. It was held in a large park off 123rd St, and was well-worth the $5 entry fee. There were tons of Christmas and holiday light displays, and we took lots of photos and videos as we walked the path around the lake.

We won't be back until late January or early February as we have our Antarctica cruise coming up in soon.

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