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Antarctica - We made it to Ushuaia!

After an 11 ½ hour flight, we arrived in Ushuaia at around 9:30am. The airport and terminal is small, and we went through customs without having to present the PCR test results or proof of Covid insurance. I guess the electronic upload was sufficient, but just in case, have your paperwork ready to present. We collected our luggage and boarded one of four buses where we were told we would be getting, drum roll please, another Covid test! This was a total surprise, but we were getting used to it. The key is to be patient and flexible. We drove about 10 minutes to an indoor sports building and got our nostrils swabbed once more. We waited about 40 minutes until everyone on the bus got their results and left. We’re getting to be old pros at this now.

The tour guide gave us a brief history of Ushuaia and told us the itinerary for the day. The ship boarding was not until 3:00pm, so we drove 30km to a quaint little ski-area restaurant in the Andes mountains where we were treated with a lamb and sausage dish, and serenaded by a guitarist.

Neither Shelly nor I are big fans of lamb, but this dish didn’t taste too gamy. Once I had a few bites and got used to the taste, it was pretty good. We were then served delicious, what I believe was, homemade ice cream. After eating, walked around the grounds a bit while everyone else finished up. There was a petting zoo with dogs with a 500 peso entry fee. We didn't enter and instead talked to some of our fellow passengers.

The time went quickly, but we were ready for our adventure to start!

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