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Antarctica - Jan 1 – Day 5 – Zodiac Excursion of Icebergs in Prince Gustav Channel

Atlas planned for a ship navigation of the Prince Gustav Channel, providing us views from ship. But the weather was moderate, and it was announced that we would be doing an amazing Zodiac excursion for about 90 minutes.

We got our base and mid-layers on and huddled up with our fellow Penguins in the Atlas Lounge, waiting for our turn to board the Zodiac. By now, getting our boots and parkas on was a snap, and we loaded the boat. As this was a Zodiac tour, I decided to leave my DSLR camera in the cabin, and instead would use my Pentax waterproof camera. It has a decent zoom and takes a nice picture.

The temperature was cold, around 31 degrees, and the wind was around 10 mph. But our guide kept the Zodiac at a slow pace and there was little water spray. We were comfortable in our layers and warm parka and stayed dry.

We got close enough to a huge iceberg, which our guide estimated to be 1500 to 2000 feet long, to get great photos.

We spent 15 minutes circling the iceberg. Unfortunately, my back was to the iceberg, and it was difficult to get a good shot. It had a large crack at the end, and it looked as if it would break off and topple into the water.

A bird flew over and alongside the boat for about 10 seconds, and I got a fair picture of it. Then it landed on some sea ice and watched us while we watched it.

We saw an iceberg partly covered in sea algae, giving it a greenish tint at and below the water line.

It was time to head in, and I caught a photo of our ship behind the iceberg.

It was a mighty nice tour!

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