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Our Spain-Portugal Land Tour was Cancelled due to Covid, so we Booked a Cruise!

Shelly and I booked a 15 day land tour of Spain and Portugal for October 2020. We were so excited to go, but alas, our trip was cancelled due to Covid. But all was not lost! Shelly found a cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon for the Fall of 2022 and we booked it. It's a 7-day cruise, and we'll extend our trip on both sides to fully enjoy the beautiful cities of Barcelona and Lisbon.

The cruise line is Silversea and the cruise includes airfare and all transfers, excursions, and gratuities. I am looking forward to seeing the Basilica del la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Rock of Gibraltar, Seville, and Lisbon. Our dear friends, Pat and Lani Morrissey will be cruising with us too!

This will be our third cruise in 10 months, starting in December 2021! Can't wait!

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25 oct. 2021

Have a great trip, we have upcoming travels too and the planning is just as much fun as the actual event. My grandmother often said "anticipation is greater than realization. "

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