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Summer Vacation in Ocean City!

In August, 2020, Melissa, Rhys and Knox joined Shelly and me in Ocean City for a summer getaway. It was our first trip together since Covid hit. Melissa and the kids spent 4 days with us, and Shelly and I spent 9 days at the beach. We have an ocean-front condo at the Plaza on 98th Street, and have enjoyed it for 11 years now. We love when Melissa and the kids join us. The weather was great, and we had a wonderful time. We spent time on the beach, and both the outdoor and indoor pools. We walked the beach at dusk and found shells. And of course, Rhys and Knox had to climb the life guard stand and pose for a picture!

Here's Mimi reading Knox and Rhys a story and it had the desired effect. They both dozed off for some much-needed sleep.

Lastly, here's a couple videos of sunrises over the ocean. There's also one of the beach and surf.

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