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Throwback Photo of the Day

In November 2009, Shelly and I visited South Africa, toured Cape Town and went on safari game drives in Kruger National Park. On the game drives, we rode throughout the park in 8-passenger, open-air Jeeps. There were two park employees in the Jeep; one drove, and one sat in the front passenger seat armed with a rifle.

The driver stopped the Jeep, and we saw a male lion saunter up along the right side. He stopped and gazed at us, and I excitedly snapped the picture. I realized only later that this majestic beast could easily have swiped at me and dragged me out of the Jeep with his giant claws. But he kept walking and we drove off. I was amazed at the sight of this and also grateful that he did not feel threatened and lash out.

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