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We're Going to Antarctica!

Yep! Shelly and I booked a cruise to Antarctica for late 2021. We've been cooped up for a year now, and want a nice trip that will be both relaxing (the cruise part) and adventurous (the land excursions).

We depart from Ushuaia, Argentina, cruise through the Drake Passage, tour the Antarctic Peninsula, then back through Drake Passage and to Cape Horn, the southern most part of Chile, then back to Ushuaia, Argentina. We are very excited and hope and pray that the Covid vaccines bring some health and normalcy back, and the travel industry is able conduct these cruises.

The cruise line provides a long parka, rain pants, and knee-high, water-proof boots. We just need to bring water-proof gloves and liners, and under layers of clothing.

This gives us something to look forward to, and the best part is we don't have to research and plan much. It's all taken care for us. So excited.

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